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Cerce - How to Be a Woman

I know my parts are soft as well, but you’re an embarrassment to us all. I made my deals with the devil, but I’ve got it all under my belt. It’s about punching for yourself. It’s about kicking for your goals. Fucking bat those lashes for your soul. I’m sewn up anyway, so the blind can’t get through. Can’t make me bleed, can’t make me scream. “You heartless tease,” I dare you to fuss. I made my deals with the devil.

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so far i’ve only spent $8 on my costume idea and will probably spend $8 more tops depending on how much these things are and how many i get

I’m v curious pls just tell me 😁

😍😍I’ll hug you if you bring this hoop to Halloween ❤️❤️

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